Detroit Urban Debate League

2022/2023 DUDL Novice Evidence Packet

NATO / Emerging Tech Topic

Link to Google Drive Folder with all 2022-2023 novice evidence -- HERE

"On Case" Files

Wave 1 (September)

Ethical AI Affirmative Ethical AI Negative

DUDL Ethical AI Affirmative.docx
DUDL Ethical AI Negative.docx

Wave 2 (November) 

Cybersecurity Affirmative Cybersecurity Negative

DUDL Cyber A5 Case Negative.docx
DUDL Cyber A5 Case Negative.docx

"Off Case" Files

Wave 1

Russia DA Turkey DA 

Russia DA.docx
Turkey DA.docx

Updated! -- European Union CP

European Union CP.docx

Wave 2 (November)

Article 5 Disad Cyber Denial CP

Topicality - Cyber Security

Article 5 DA.docx
Cyber Denial CP.docx
T - Cyber Security .docx

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