Date: Saturday, October 15th

Format: In-Person Policy Debate Tournament

Competitive Debate Divisions: 

Special: Workshop for Newcoming Coaches & Debaters!  (see below)

To register teams & judges for competitionhttp://dudl2.tabroom.com 

Contact UDL.Detroit@gmail.com for questions, concerns, help w/ registration, etc.



1st Place - Cass Tech Damiah Moore & Symphony Zeigler

2nd Place - Cass Tech Demetrius Tyson & Serenity Moore

Top Speaker - Cass Tech Damiah Moore

2nd Speaker - Cass Tech Karli Bell

3rd Speaker - Cass Tech Serenity Moore

4th Speaker - U-Prep Sydney McNeil 

5th Speaker - Cass Tech Demetrius Tyson

6th Speaker - Berkley Moe Svireff

7th Speaker - Symphony Zeigler


1st Place - UHSA Cedrick Coburn & Temilola Olorunsola

2nd Place - Padre Pio Balin Kimbrell & Alexander Fry

Top Speaker - Padre Pio Balin Kimbrell 

2nd Speaker -  Loyola Alexander Mayers

3rd Speaker - Loyola Darnyll Copeland

See Full Results HERE


Alex Manoogian Hall

Tabroom / Homebase = Room 226

Wayne State University

(Corner of Warren & Anthony Wayne)



8:30am Registration & Breakfast Provided

9:10 R1 Pairings Released

9:30 Round 1 Begins

11:10 R2 Pairings Released

11:30 Round 2 Begins

1pm Lunch Provided

1:50 R3 Pairings Released

2:10 Round 3 Begins

4:30 Awards Ceremony

{Tournament End}

October 15th Workshop for New Programs:

Who? Any newcomers to the DUDL - coaches or students

What? A debate workshop led by DUDL coaches

Why? To introduce new members of the community to the activity and the league

Where? Manoogian Hall, Wayne State University

When? October 15th - During DUDL #2

R1 - Intro to Debate & the DUDL

R2 - Watch a Demo Debate

R3 - Regroup to Discuss Demo Debate

To register for the workshop, please use this form. Thanks!

Please direct any questions or concerns to UDL.Detroit@gmail.com 

Debate Resources:

2022-2023 DEBATE TOPIC 

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity. 

See our Summer Camp page for Topic Resources, like our topic lecture.

See our Evidence page for our Novice Evidence Packet + links to external resources.


See our Resources page for helpful handouts and videos for beginners to debate!