Detroit Urban Debate League

2021/2022 DUDL Novice Evidence Packet

Water Resources Topic

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Files added or amended before DUDL #3

Native Water Rights Case Neg - Revised

Federalism Disad - Revised

Files added before DUDL #2

Native Water Rights - {On Case}  Affirmative & Case Negative

Federalism - {Off Case}  Disadvantage & Aff Answers

States - {Off Case}  Counterplan  & Aff Answers

Files added before DUDL #1

Fracking - {On Case}  Affirmative & Case Negative

Economy - {Off Case} Disadvantage & Aff Answers

"Advantage Counterplan" & Aff Answes {Off Case}

Topicality & Aff Answers - "Cessation" {Off Case}

On Case Files: Fracking Aff + Case Neg

Fracking AFF.docx
Fracking CASE NEG.docx

On Case Files: Native Water Rights Aff + Case Neg

Native Water RIghts AFF.docx
Native Water Rights CASE NEG - Revised.docx

Off Case Files: Negative Positions

Econ DA.docx
Advantage CP.docx
States CP.docx
Federalism DA - Revised.docx
TOPICALITY - Cessation.docx
Kritik of Environment Policy.docx

Off Case Files: Affirmative Answers

AT- Econ DA.docx
AT - Advantage CP.docx
AT - States CP.docx
AT - Federalism DA.docx
AT- T - Cessation.docx
AT - Kritik of Environment Policy.docx

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